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Padma bridge paragraph pdf

padma bridge
Padma bridge

Padma Bridge paragraph for class 6,7,8 – 200 words

Padma bridge paragraph:- Padma Bridge is a multipurpose bridge project over the drought-prone Padma River in Bangladesh. Padma Bridge was inaugurated on June 25, 2022, by the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The largest mega project of the country has been built with full domestic funding without foreign aid. After changes at various times, its cost came to 30 thousand crores. Construction of the bridge began on December 7, 2014. It was built by China Major Bridge Engineering Construction Company Limited. There is the involvement of foreign and local artisans in various works of the project. On its eastern bank is Lauhjung of Munshiganj and on its western bank Shariatpur and Madaripur.

The total length of this bridge is 6,150 meters and the width is 18.18 meters. Through the opening of this bridge, 19 districts of the southwestern region have been directly connected with the eastern part of the country, including Dhaka, and most of the districts will be connected when the railway section is opened. Most importantly, Padma Bridge will be a shining symbol of hope, confidence, devotion, and faith in the people of Bangladesh. Padma bridge paragraph pdf

The Padma Bridge Paragraph For SSC 250-300 Word

The Padma Bridge In Bangladesh, the Padma Bridge is the longest bridge. This multipurpose road-rail bridge is the biggest project built without foreign aid in Bangladesh. It is the world’s 6th largest multipurpose bridge, crossing the Padma River. It was constructed on 7th December 2014 and was
completed in May 2022. The Padma Bridge is the longest bridge in the south Asia region and the 122nd longest in the world. On June 25, 2022, Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina opened the bridge for the people. With a length of 6.15 km and a width of 18.10 m, the bridge consists of a four-lane highway and a single-track railway on the upper level.

The total number of spans of the bridge is 41 and 42 supports have been erected to connect the two banks. Each span is 150 meters in length and weighs 3140 tons. There is a bunch of bridges in this area. Steel is the main raw material used in the construction of the bridge. It has opened new horizons for the country’s communication system. The Padma Bridge surely has a significant
contribution to the social, economic, and industrial development of the southern part of Bangladesh.

The bridge is playing an important role not only in the country but also in the regional connectivity of Asia and Southeast Asia. By building bridges, currency development in the Southwest will promote mechanical and commercial actions, and increase financial and job opportunities for residents in the neighborhood. Also, it will build an indispensable connection within the framework of Bangladesh.

The bridge will erect part of the A-1 line of the Asian Highway and open up southwestern Bangladesh for adventure and development. This can lead to not only an important highway but also arrange a railway line, which is essential for connecting Indian freight transport. Thus, a revolutionary change will be brought about in the lives of people in the southwest.

Padma Multipurpose Bridge paragraph for HSC – 300 words

Padma Bridge is a dream project of Bangladesh. It will be the sixth-largest multi-span bridge in the world. The bridge started its construction journey in December 2014 and is still going strong. Although, it was not easy in the beginning considering funding and other economic matters. Even, the World Bank canceled its loan agreement. The country has finally come up with its own funds.

But economic problems were not the only issues for the country to deal with. Because the Padma river has two natures – calm in winter and cruel in summer. So, bridge construction engineers perform their work in 5 steps to solve this problem. The first of them was the construction of the main bridge. It is 6.15 km in length. This phase includes the installation of 41 spans and 42 supports to connect both banks. River training is part two. Probably the hardest part of the process. The third and fourth sections are connecting links that will connect the bridge to the two highways. One will be built in Zanjira and another in Mawa. Construction of a service area for servicing is the fifth step. Their last task was to properly supervise the whole project.

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The Padma Bridge will connect the southwestern region of the country with the capital and the eastern region. For this, regional cooperation will increase and transport management will be facilitated. Besides, it will play an important role in the economic sector of Bangladesh. Industrial development and employment opportunities will radically change the conditions of the residents of the Southwest.

Not only will the economy and transportation facilities increase, but medical and educational facilities will also be readily available. The entire country is overjoyed as its biggest bridge becomes operational. Padma Bridge was inaugurated last June. The inauguration of this bridge was a monumental victory for the country.

Padma Multipurpose Bridge


The river Padma has two looks – quiet and calm in winter, cruel and violent in summer. Padma thrives in the tongue of poets, in the vocal of singers, and beyond everything in our hearts. With our own funds, prime minister Sheik Hasina inaugurated the Padma Bridge construction on December 12, 2015.
As a result, another golden chapter was written in the history of Bangladesh. On that day she inaugurated the river training works of Padma Bridge construction at Jajira point, Shariatpur and at Mawa, Munshiganj, and the number 7 piling construction of the main bridge at Mawa circle in Munshiganj. Thus the construction of the main bridge started officially.
Just after the official inauguration of PM, the piling of the number 7 pillar begins in one kilometer inside the river bed in Mawa. Driving of pillar into the river bed was driven by 10,000-ton hydraulic hammers that came from Germany. Every six pilings will give birth to one single pillar in the river bed. Padma Bridge will connect the two river banks of Padma based on those 42 pillars.


Padma Bridge is a key to the solution to the diversified development of the southern region of Bangladesh. In April 2011, the Bangladesh government signed an agreement with World Bank and a few other organizations such as ADB and Jaika for the fund. At first World Bank agreed to provide $1.2 billion for the project. However, in June 2012, World Bank canceled its credit agreement as an excuse for alleged corruption. It broke the dream of Padma Bridge for only a short period of time. Immediately Bangladesh government took a courageous initiative to construct the Padma Bridge with its own funds. Today Padma Bridge is on the verge of successful completion. Eventually, the commencement of work orders have been released in November 2014 and started in December 2014. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the river training works for the Padma Bridge construction at Jajira point in Shariatpur on December 12, 2015. On the same day, she inaugurated the main bridge construction in Mawa.

Structure of Padma Multipurpose Bridge

The length of the proposed Padma Bridge will be 6.15 km. When completed, it will be the longest road bridge. of Bangladesh. The bridge is being built in Mawa in Munshiganj and Janzira in Shariatpur. It will connect Louhajong in Munshiganj to Shariatpur and Madaripur districts, linking northern and eastern regions to the southwest of the country. The bridge will have a total of 42 pillars. Among these, 40 will be in the river and the two others will be on approach roads for connecting bridges.
Each will have 6 piles beneath the river for every pillar, in total 240 piles. Twelve piles for each of the two pillars outside make 24 more piles. A total of 264 piles will be there. The length of piles will be 150 meters (the deepest of any bridge in the world) where 120 meters will go deep underwater. Steel spans will be placed on the pillars. The bridge will have a total of 41 spans. The bridge will be a two-story structure. There will be a four-lane highway on the upside and the
bottom will have a rail line. The speed of the train will be 160 kilometers per hour. The total lifespan of the bridge will be 100 years.


Padma Bridge is the name of a dream. The Bridge will establish direct road communication between Dhaka and 21 southern districts of the country. The GDP growth rate will increase by more than 1%. Padma Bridge is a long-awaited demand of the million people of the southwest region. The international group turned back just when the commencement of the construction of the dream Bridge is about to start with the earnestness of the Bangladesh government. In June 2012, with the accusation of corruption World Bank followed by other donor organizations canceled their credit transfer. A blast of criticism followed immediately. Many thought dreams of the Padma Bridge construction died away. However, the government of Bangladesh was so strict in its decision that drives to build the Padma Bridge with its own fund. After that in 2014, the work order for Padma Bridge construction was issued in August and the construction started in December. It was the most courageous decision in the history of Bangladesh. Padma bridge paragraph pdf


The donor agencies including World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and the JICA promised a loan of 1.9 billion USD for the project. But the loan was canceled by the donors on the allegation of corruption conspiracy (ষড়যন্ত্র) against former Communication Minister Syed Abul Hossain. However, the government dismissed (বাতিল করা) the World Bank’s allegation and decided to construct the bridge through its own fund. The government has made an allocation of Tk 8100 crore for the Padma Bridge project in the Annual Development Programme (ADP) of the next fiscal year (2014-15). And thus, the government will fund for the project for its total cost figuring BDT 301933.88 million or USD 3.868 billion (including VAT and IT).

The Latest Condition of Padma Bridge

The construction of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge is progressing smoothly. Even the political instability could not hamper the progress of this project. The construction is running with full vigor with an aim to fly the vehicles on Padma Bridge by the end of 2018. About 40% of the whole project including the main Bridge, river training, and link roads is already completed. Starting from 12 December 2015, 17.27% of the construction of the main Bridge has been completed. Other works include the accommodation of contractors, office laboratory, work shed, accommodation of
workers and construction of the jetty are also progressing simultaneously.
Steel fabrication for piling is going on in the workshop. The link road construction in Jajira point is going on rapidly. The link road is expected to be completed by June 2016. 59% of the construction of the Jajira link road is completed till now. The link road construction in Mawa point is also going on simultaneously and is expected to be completed by July 2017. 63% of the construction of the Jajira link road is completed till now. River training work is also going on that will be completed by November 2018.
Land acquisition processing is near to complete. Resettlement of affected people for the project is continuing. Till now 65% of people have been resettled. With alleged corruption, WB abandoned the Padma Multipurpose Bridge project. When the World Bank did not provide the proposed loan for constructing the Bridge their walkout an excuse for conspiracy and corruption evoked an embarrassing situation for the nation. However, the government took it as a challenge after taking the decision in pursuit of constructing the Bridge with its own fund.

Expected advantages of the Bridge

In the Padma Bridge project assessment papers, which have been submitted to the WB, the following facilities are mentioned:

  1. Three crore people of south Bangla of Bangladesh have to depend on ferry-boat while coming to Dhaka. That is why all the Dhaka-bound vehicles from south Bangla have to spend excessive time at the ferry ghat and so the up and downtime for south Bangla-Dhaka-south Bangla is unlimited. Moreover, for the constant ferry movement, both sides (ghat area) of the river are eroded. But a Bridge here must save Bangladesh from the above losses.
  2. As the Bridge will be associated with a railway line apart from the highway connection, it will be easier to bring all kinds of goods from the south region to Dhaka.
  3. Dhaka and Kolkata will be more close than before. As a result, international trade and commerce facilities must be extended.
  4. Through the Bridge telecommunication, power, and gas facility can be sent to the southern region so that citizen benefit of the people of that region may be ensured.
  5. Through the increase in the southern Mongla Port’s working skills, the Bridge will play a vital role to bring about better trade facilities.

Besides, social, economic, cultural, and political— in all these sectors the Bridge can profoundly contribute to communicating with all-level people of the country.


For the overall development of Bangladesh, the mighty Padma bridge will play a vital role. So, the Bangladesh Bridge Authority along with China Major Bridge Engineering Corporation is working day and night to complete its construction. The day is not far away from now when the construction will be completed and Bangladesh will start getting benefits from the bridge. Earlier it was thought impossible to build a mighty bridge like this with its own fund but it is on the verge of completion. With this, we can prove that we can build a mighty bridge with our own funds without any loan or any help from any monetary organization. The completion of construction will fulfill the long-cherished dream of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, especially the dream of the people of Bangladesh. Padma bridge paragraph pdf

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Padma bridge  pdf composition

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