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best domain hosting provider in bangladesh

Are you seeking the best hosting provider in Bangladesh, or are you confused about which company to choose for your hosting? Are Bangladeshi hosting providers right for you, or should you get services from the best web hosting companies in the world? You’ve come to the right place. We are here to answer all your questions.


Web hosting is simply a service that lets your website go live on the internet so that people can visit and utilize its features like shopping or reading articles or news. You need to get this web hosting service from a particular company. There are many service providers internationally but it is recommended to use the local web hosting service to get cheap rates. If you are residing in Bangladesh and are willing to get a web hosting service, then you should consider the following ten web hosting companies operating in the country.


The second on the list is This website is not that famous for the domain but they are the experts in web hosting. They provide the hosting service under four heads; shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, and WordPress hosting. Under the shared hosting head, they provide three distinct packages. Most people go for the standard package having the cost of tk. 1000 per year. 1GB of web space is available along with the reasonable 59 GB of Bandwidth. The support of Webhostbd is just amazing and they claim to provide it proactively.

2. IT Nut Hosting 

Another top performing web hosting company in BD. IT Nut Hosting was founded in 2014. IT Nut Hosting first started its journey in 2014 as BD Hosting Gig, changed its name about 2 times after starting, the first time to IT Nut Hosting BD and the second and last time to IT Nut Hosting which is still there in effect. At present IT Nut Hosting has been providing several services with a reputation for 7 years in the country and outside the country, Currently, It Nut Hosting Most Popular Hosting & Other Services- Domains, Web Hosting, BDIX Hosting, Premium Hosting, Windows Hosting, VPS Hosting, Managed VPS, BDIX VPS, RDP, Business Email, SSL Certificate, and more.


They are offering a cheap web hosting service in Bangladesh which is quite a big thing for local websites. It helps them to get a start and flourish the website to generate revenues later on. You can utilize this cheap hosting service for any type of website whether it is an e-commerce or a blog. It helps to boost the local web development market to focus on generating quality content or service for local consumers. They also provide service to international websites as well. They also have premium packages if you decide to move later on.

9. Dhaka Web Host

Dhaka web host started its journey in 2011. Dhaka Web Host is an IT firm and private hosting company. Dhaka Web Host is an IT firm and private hosting company. Dhaka Web Host Company provides hosting services to customers using servers from the world’s best data center “Liquid Web”. So, undoubtedly it can be said that the best Hosting provides. Presently, the packages available in Dhaka web host companies are Web Hosting, BDIX Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Server, and SSD Dedicated Hosting. 


Dhakawebhost is another strong contender for this list of the best Bangladeshi web hosting companies. They offer some of the best offers including almost 50% discounts on domain registration, helping to get a decent web hosting package. They have a specific package for businesses labeled Advanced Business Hosting. They possess some of the latest web hosting solutions that are quite novel to Bangladeshi websites. Now you can build an international standard website with Dhakawebhost.


Exonhost is probably the most used web hosting in Bangladesh as they have almost 50% of the market share. They have more than 8000 websites getting the Webhosting service. They have the most affordable packages with the optimal level of service. They will also give you a free website builder to help you design the website within the basic package.

7. Hosting Bangladesh – Best hosting provider in Bangladesh that starts below 1000 tk yearly

8. Web Host BD

Web Host BD has been providing hosting services in Bangladesh since 2012. Bangladesh web host bd company has had a lot of reputation for a long time. Currently available in web host bd companies Web Hosting, Premium Hosting,  Reseller Hosting, Master Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers.


9. HostMight

HostMight company has been providing services all over the world and started its journey in 2010 in Bangladesh. The earlier name of this company was One IT BD later in 2011 the name was changed to Host might. HostMight Company has become popular in very quick time with their quality service. HostMight Company is currently providing domain registration with shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress Hosting, Managed VPS, and dedicated server services worldwide.

10. DianaHost

DianaHost Company is well known for providing the fastest hosting services. DianaHost company has been providing various hosting packages and other services with its reputation in Bangladesh.

It provides super-fast web hosting services including Shared Hosting, BDIX Web Hosting, Singapore Shared Hosting, Cheap Shared Hosting, Premium Shared Hosting, PNR Hosting, Corporate Shared Hosting, Windows ASP.NET Hosting, BDIX Reseller Hosting, VPS servers,  Dedicated Servers, Domain Registration,  Digital Marketing, Software development, Bulk SMS Solution, Business Email Solution, SMS Gateway, E-Commerce Hosting with Web Development, and many more.

Summary of the best top 10 domain hosting companies in Bangladesh 2023.

A post discusses the top 10 domain hosting companies in Bangladesh. We have tried to inform you about the best domain hosting companies in Bangladesh. We have discussed the best domain hosting in Bangladesh in which you have to decide which company you will take the service of. You decide which company is best for you. For more details about the above ten companies, please contact their customer care support center.

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Summary of the best top 10 domain hosting companies in Bangladesh 2023.

A post discusses the top 10 domain hosting companies in Bangladesh. We have tried to inform you about the best domain hosting companies in Bangladesh. We have discussed the best domain hosting in Bangladesh in which you have to decide which company you will take the service of. You decide which company is best for you. For more details about the above ten companies, please contact their customer care support center.

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